Cortez Pickleball Club

Formed in 2022

The Cortez Pickleball Club (CPC) was founded in August 2022 by a group of pickleball enthusiasts. The club is run entirely by volunteers and is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. CPC is held under the auspices of a fiscal agent, which provides administrative and financial support to the club.

A Short History of Pickleball in Cortez

Cortez Pickleball got its start in Montezuma County with the opening of the Cortez Recreation Center in 2004. A few years later, the expansive gym was lined to accommodate two pickleball courts with portable nets. In May 2018, there was a ribbon-cutting ceremony to open six concrete outdoor courts with permanent nets in Centennial Park.

During the exciting early years of pickleball mania in SW CO, participation increased enough to host a tournament by 2021. Although we were new to the event, people enjoyed themselves, and two more were scheduled by local players for the following summer. The Celtic Fair Tournament, in June 2022, drew over 100 competitors. The second outdoor pickleball tournament of 2022, the Cortez Four Corners Classic, was held in August.

About the Cortez Pickleball Club

As the sport caught fire across the nation, it also grew in the Four Corners region. For that reason, players from the Cortez area decided in the summer of 2022 to come together under an all-volunteer Board of Directors and thereby founded the Cortez Pickleball Club (CPC). The first board meeting was conducted on August 10, 2022, and a planning meeting with Creighton Wright, Director of the City of Cortez Parks and Recreation Department, was convened less than a week later. Members of the board adopted a mission statement and objectives in September and bylaws the following month.

In October 2022, Onward! A Legacy Foundation signed an agreement with the board to act as the CPC’s fiscal agent and establish our status as a non-profit 501(C)3. In February 2023, the CPC contracted with Pickleball Brackets to assist with two summer tournaments in 2023. With funding provided by a LOR Foundation grant, the board then signed an agreement in April with Cloud Goddess Enterprises for website development. These changes and others have helped the pickleball scene in and around Cortez to continue to thrive, as we expect it to do for years to come!

More Info: A Brief Timeline of CPC 2022-2023

Mission Statement

The mission of the Cortez Pickleball Club (CPC) is to encourage the growth and development of pickleball in the Cortez area. We see the sport as one that fosters health, enjoyment and social engagement for all ages. We support the spread of pickleball by providing information, instruction and organized play for both recreational and competitive athletes.


We strive to offer pickleball events and related social activities that promote these objectives:

  1. fun,
  2. friendship,
  3. community,
  4. inclusion,
  5. fitness,
  6. courtesy,
  7. fairness, and
  8. integrity.
Cortez Pickleball Club

Board Members

Vern Harrell
Vern Harrell
MB McAfee
MB McAfee
Vice President
Charles Hayes
Charles Hayes
Brad Wayt
Brad Wayt
Creighton Wright
Creighton Wright
Ex-Officio (Non-Voting)

Other CPC Contacts

David Newman
David NewmanUSA Pickleball Association
Vanessa Malloy
Vanessa Malloy Onward! A Legacy Foundation
Fiscal Agent
Victoria Petersen
Victoria PetersenCloud Goddess Enterprises
Web Developer

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