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From the beginning of pickleball play in Cortez, the relationship between local players and the city’s Parks and Recreation Department has been a special one. Both groups understand that we work best as a team.

As a result, the city has listened to the CPC’s comments and ideas, and the club has respected the city’s legal responsibility to manage and maintain its facilities and programs.

The inclusion of Creighton Wright, Director of the Cortez Parks and Recreation Department, as an ex-officio member of the CPC’s Board of Directors reflects the nature of this unique and productive relationship.

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Like the City of Cortez, the following organizations are considered partners of the Cortez Pickleball Club. This means that we have entered into either contracts or informal agreements to share services and resources as allowed by our organizational fiscal procedures, decision-making processes, and rules of operation. Nothing in this document is intended to state or imply that any organization listed here has granted any part of either its authority or autonomy to another. Our partners are:


For their valued financial support, we consider these businesses to be sponsors of the Cortez Pickleball Club and its activities:

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